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June 06, 2015

Lil Wayne Claps Back At Mark Cuban, 'I Will Piss In Ya F'n Mouth Ho'

Lil Wayne once said "You don't want to start Weezy, 'cause the F is for finisher" ... and he's proving to back his words with Mark Cuban -- firing back in his beef with the Dallas Mavericks owner and saying, "I will piss in ya f'n mouth ho." The…...

Diddy Love Triangle Spawns Explosive Yung Miami, Gina Huynh Feud

Diddy is all about "love" these days ... maybe a little too much, because 2 women in his life are going at each other now after both were in Las Vegas where he hosted the Billboard Music Awards. In one corner, City Girls rapper Yung Miami, and in… Permalink

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Can't Look at Her Because He's Guilty

A source close to Amber tells TMZ ... "Depp’s lawyers’ only defense is a dishonest offense. His lawyers might be entitled to their own opinion, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. This case is not a matter of he said/she said. It is… Permalink

Jack Harlow Fires Light Shot Back at Brandy Using Her Kanye West Collab

Jack Harlow's rummaging through some old playlists to jab back at Brandy in their growing, but playful, beef over Jack being clueless about the singer's family tree. ICYMI ... Jack was chopping it up with his OG's at Hot 97 when it hilariously came… Permalink

Amber Heard Addresses James Franco Visit During Depp Team Cross-Examination

Amber was just asked about a deposition she sat for years ago -- one which has been the subject of much speculation since it became public -- where AH appears to be smirking and rolling her eyes sarcastically as she listens back to audio of Johnny… Permalink

Mark Cuban Roasts Lil Wayne After Rapper Called Luka Doncic A 'Ho'

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got the last laugh over Lil Wayne on Monday ... firing back at the legend for calling Luka Doncic a "ho" -- by using one of Weezy's very own song lyrics!! Of course, Wayne -- who is a big Chris Paul supporter --… Permalink

Young Money President Mack Maine Calls Out Gillie Da Kid Over Lil Wayne Beef

Gillie Da Kid is in the crosshairs of Lil Wayne's camp -- all thanks to comments he made about his recent interaction with Weezy. Gillie was on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" earlier last week when he claimed Lil Wayne appeared to be scared… Permalink

Gillie Da Kid Says He Has No Beef With Wiz Khalifa Despite IG Ban

Gillie Da Kid says he's not holding a grudge against Wiz Khalifa ... despite the fact he thinks Wiz got him kicked off Instagram over a misinterpreted diss. Here's the deal ... Gillie claims Wiz got him banned from IG because the "Black and Yellow"… Permalink

Pete Davidson Jokes About Kanye West Being Mrs. Doubtfire

Pete Davidson is poking fun at Kanye West's divorce from Kim Kardashian ... comparing his girlfriend's ex-hubby to a famous Robin Williams movie character. The 'SNL' star came out swinging in his stand-up set on "Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival"… Permalink

A$AP Rocky Calls Out Chris Brown For Beating Rihanna in New Song

A$AP Rocky is using his new song to call out one of Rihanna's exes ... referencing his girlfriend's infamous beating at the hands of Chris Brown. The rapper takes a thinly-veiled shot at Breezy in his new track, "D.M.B" ... where Rocky raps, "I… Permalink

Kris Jenner Didn't Negotiate Kim Kardashian and Ray J Sex Tape Deal

Ray J insists Kris Jenner was smack in the middle of negotiating Kim and Ray J's sex tape, but we've learned the businesswoman of the century was hands-off when the deal was cut. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Kris never negotiated with… Permalink

Amber Heard Describes First Time Johnny Depp Allegedly Hit Her

Amber says once on a flight to Russia, she and Johnny decided to take MDMA and Johnny convinced a female flight attendant to do the same. Amber says the flight attendant became comfortable with her, touching her, which pissed Johnny off. Amber… Permalink

Ray J Says Kim K Sex Tape 'Leak' Was Deal Between Couple & Kris Jenner

Ray J is speaking his truth about his ex, Kim Kardashian -- and that would be ... the infamous sex tape "leak" that put her on the map wasn't an accident at all, but a planned event and the Kardashians were in on it. The singer spilled the alleged… Permalink

Kim as Marilyn and Kris as Jackie Kennedy Callback to Betrayal

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner both looked spectacular Monday night at the Met Gala ... but the imagery re-creates one of the toughest moments in the real Jackie Kennedy's life. Kim's dress was the actual garment worn by Marilyn Monroe when she… Permalink

Kim Kardashian Wins Defamation Portion of Case Against Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna's jury is still deliberating whether the Kardashians are on the hook for tanking her reality show, but Kim Kardashian has already scored a major victory. The judge just tossed out Chyna's defamation claim against Kim, ruling KK made no… Permalink

Tekashi 6ix9ine Trolls Lil Durk & King Von's Memory Through Fake Lil Durk

Tekashi 6ix9ine is back to trolling Lil Durk after telling TMZ he doesn't instigate matters when it comes to these things. The rainbow-haired rapper -- who just targeted the late King Von in his latest music video 'GINÉ' -- decided to up the ante… Permalink

'L&HH's Bambi Denies Momma Dee Drama on 'It's Tricky With Raquel Harper'

Not that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans would know it, but Bambi Richardson says things are actually pretty cordial between Momma Dee and her for one reason -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T for her husband's mother. Bambi chopped it up with Raquel Harper on the… Permalink

Kylie Jenner Testifies Tyga Claimed Blac Chyna Slashed Him With A Knife

The hearing has wrapped for the day, but one other thing of interest was when Kylie was asked whether or not she thought Chyna’s love for Rob was real or fake. Kylie responded, "I just felt maybe me dating the father of her child had something to… Permalink

Blac Chyna Threatened to Kill Kylie Jenner According to Kris Jenner

Blac Chyna threatened to kill Kylie Jenner ... so claims Kris Jenner in shocking testimony. Kris took the stand Thursday in Chyna's trial, claiming both Kylie and Tyga once told her Chyna threatened to off the youngest Jenner. Kris hurled the… Permalink

Coi Leray Dismisses Erica Banks, Champions 'Trendsetter' Album

Coi Leray is maintaining she indeed "sets trends" ... despite the heavily scrutinized first-week sales of her album, "Trendsetter." TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the "Big Purr" rapper outside Gunna's 420 party for his Wunnaland cannabis strain last… Permalink


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